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There is this person at work who randomly offers things to people in my team.  One person got some comics, another got something else.  I’d been offered some things and never accepted.  But, when I was offered CD cases, I accepted.  I like CDs and I like storage.

What I got were two Vaultz CD storage cases.  These things are pretty sweet.  Because I’m shallow as hell, I immediately went online to see what these things cost.  $65 each!  That’s a pretty generous gift.  But because of their quality and the fact I couldn’t find any reviews of these cases elsewhere, I figured I could devote a post to them.  I need to use that “reviews” tag.

wp_20171023_13_14_13_proWhen I came back from my break, one of these cases was sitting on my desk.  It was bigger than I imagined it would be and much more sturdy-looking, too.  The gifter was there and I told her I would take the other case as well.  I went with her to her car and pulled it from the back seat.  Second impression: these things are heavy.  I could sense the wall materials were pretty thick.  There was no give on any of the walls.

Sitting on my desk at work, the cases were very imposing.  One thing I tried was to orient them horizontally.  This didn’t work for two reasons.  The drawers are not square so they can’t be rotated and the case bottoms have rubber feet.  So, vertical they remain.

wp_20171023_18_13_24_proInside the drawers, there were many, many paper cd sleeves and some alphabetical dividers.  I don’t know if these sleeves and dividers come with the units or if the previous owner purchased them separately.  The drawers are felt-lined, which is a nice touch.  Additionally, each drawer had two solid wood dividers – non-removable.  This gave each drawer extra rigidity.  Unfortunately, the back of the drawer is not higher than the drawer itself, so you are able to pull the whole thing out without any stoppage.  I guess you could attach a small extension to catch the drawer before it is fully pulled out.


When I got the units home, I emptied out the sleeves and dividers.  Each unit is supposed to hold 60 CDs.  I was able to get 31 CDs in one shelf, so the extra space could be good if you have fatboy double cases in your collection.


The locks on the units, surprisingly, are the same on both – they have the same key number.  They work just as locks would.  They aren’t heavy duty locks or anything, so don’t expect to be too secure.  Locks are just meant to keep honest people honest.  A thief wouldn’t break or pick the lock, they’d just carry the whole case away.

In summary, quality-wise, these are great cases.  You’re paying a decent bit of money for them, so it’s good to see you get the nice, heavy materials for your money.

Before loading the CDs in the cases, I gathered up all the sleeves and organized them.  The cat was annoyed that the box was not for her.



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