Jon Goin

Jon Goin came onto the MCA Master Series after the success of Giles Reaves’ first album.  Unlike Reaves, Goin’s style was more contemporary with song structures that were more easily digestible.  Still, Goin brought in more electronic pop to balance out the label’s jazz/country mix.  Goin would not create a second album for the label, but would collaborate with Giles Reaves on a joint second album.

Waltz At Big Sky

This album, the only solo album for Goin on the MCA Master Series label, is a solid collection of synth pop songs with electric guitar for additional variety in the lead lines.

The artwork for the album is in the second design style, with a colorful center image that extends beyond its intended borders for dramatic effect.  The art piece is similar to Giles Reaves first album, which may or may not be intentional.