The Compilations

Guitar Speak (No Speak 008)

Released after Jimmy Z’s album, this was the last album in the 2nd design motif, but because it was a compilation of a lot of different artists, there was no promotion of the No Speak label or its artists, except as a mention in their bio if relevant.  To that point, Ronnie Montrose wasn’t mentioned to have an album coming – he did.  Alvin Lee and Phil Manzanera are mentioned to have a No Speak album coming – neither came.

The album has 12 tracks from 12 artists.  Each one has a profile picture and a short bio in the 4 page booklet.

Guitar Speak II (No Speak 010)

This album has 10 songs from 10 artists.  Each artist gets a small bio and profile picture.  The design of the album borrows the shaded box design element from the previous two motifs, but otherwise is from a different design team.  Whether relevant or not, the 3rd design motif is the first mention of MCA as the distributor for the albums in the liner notes. 

The liner notes promote all the artist releases to that time, including Robbie Kreiger, and also Night of the Guitar, Live!, which does not have a No Speak number.  This booklet also lists the two samplers, Music Too Good For Words and Music Too Good For Words, Two, which is uncommon.

Night of the Guitar, Live!

This live album bears no resemblance to any other album in the No Speak series.  There is a list in the two page booklet of the other available albums in the series.  It consists of the 8 albums in the first two waves, plus the two samplers.  This places the release prior to Robbie Krieger (who did play on this album).  Guitar Speak II is the first album to mention this live album.

Guitar Speak III (No Speak 015)

The last in the series, this album has 10 songs from 10 artists.  Each one gets a profile photo and bio.  The design of the 4 page booklet is unlike all the other albums and is chaotic in a not-so-good way.  The album mention list is the same as Ronnie Montrose’s, just substituting Montrose’s album for this one.