Sounds of the Season

This special compilation contains all new music from the artists of the MCA Master Series; songs that can’t be found on any other album.  The purpose of the release was to capitalize on the holiday season, which is extremely shrewd.  If you can get a holiday song to become a standard, you have guaranteed royalties coming every single year, forever.

1988 was a huge year for the MCA Master Series.  not only did they release two regular samplers, but they also did the specialty sampler, Guitar Stars, and also this sampler of exclusive music.  This sampler is also unique in that it only has one track per artist, giving nine different artists their due.

Acoustic Alchemy, John Jarvis, Caldwell Plus, Giles Reaves, Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer, Billy Joe Walker Jr., Jon Goin, and Robert Greenidge/Michael Utley all provide one holiday song for the album.

Because of the specific focus of the album, the feel of the album is just “traditional”, but since the artists of MCA Master Series are highly unique, this is not a simple traditional holiday album.

The artwork on the cover is more standard than most, with a solid blue color bar and a center art piece containing holiday elements.