Fall Sampler ‘87

This sampler, the third in the series and the second for 1987, features five MCA Master Series artists.

Larry Carlton gets a fresh promotion on this sampler with two songs from his second album, Discovery.

Jerry Douglas gets two songs from his new album, Changing Channels.  These reinforce the bluegrass sound of the label.

Albert Lee gets a second promotion for his first album with the song Oklahoma Stroke.

Robert Greenidge and Michael Utley promote their new album Jubilee with a single song in strong Caribbean flavor.

Billy Joe Walker, Jr. makes his first appearance on the MCA Master Series label with his new album, Treehouse.  The sampler offers two songs from this album.  The style of these songs is slightly more rocking than other artists.  Although Albert Lee uses some distorted guitar, it’s more of a country flavor.

The sampler’s feel is more upbeat and harder than other samplers released up to this point.  This should have the effect of drawing in more varied listeners.

The artwork differs from what would be the standard for samplers, although it keeps the overall design style.  This cover features a large white border and a single, colorful artwork in the center.  The artwork does not represent the artists like the Spring Sampler did and is more of a custom piece similar to the future Guitar Stars sampler.  This cover introduces the color bar at the top left corner, and in what would be suggestive of a sample of all the artists, the bar is a rainbow color gradient.  The rainbow gradient is also used in the stylized MCA Master Series logo.