Sampler ‘89

1989 is the only year to have a single sampler to cover the entire year of releases.  But this album is interesting in that it has collaborations between label artists.  Five different artists are represented in the sampler, but many have been heard before.  None of the artists on this sampler would release future albums, which suggests the label’s decline.

Acoustic Alchemy presents two songs from their new album, Blue Chip.  This would be their last album with MCA Master Series before moving to a new label.

Strength in Numbers contributes a couple of songs to the album.  Strength in Numbers has names you’ve heard of before: Edgar Meyer and Jerry Douglas are both in the group.  The other members of the group have played on these two artists’ albums, although they did not make records of their own.  So it’s more of the same, if you like that.

Jerry Douglas, in addition to the Strength in Numbers release also has a new album and two songs are included from it.  This is Douglas’ third MCA Master Series and would be the last one.  Busy year for him.

Giles Reaves teamed up with Jon Goin and they released an album together.  It’s a very well done mix of their styles.  The style is electronic pop with lots of guitar leads.  No space music from either one.

Booker T Jones was brought into the stable and released his first MCA Master Series album, this would also be his last one on the label.  His style was pure jazz, but much more toned down with synths and drum machines.

The artwork is pleasant, solidly in the second design motif.  The color bar is a gradient, and the artist names are in the large white border.  The center art is a abstract photograph unrelated to any of the referenced albums or artists.