Walter Hyatt

Walter Hyatt joined the label very late, after the last sampler CD was issued.  He was the first and only vocalist on the label, although John Jarvis had a couple of songs with vocals on them.  Hyatt moved on after his MCA Master Series album, but died in the ValuJet airline crash in 1996.

King Tears

Hyatt’s album, King Tears, would be considered in the genre of “Jazz Vocal”, although some would call it “Lounge” or “Crooner”.  Matt Rollings, another late MCA Master Series artist, appears on the album playing piano.

The album’s cover artwork is part of the third design style of MCA Master Series albums, shared by Balconies by Matt Rollings but not as far removed as Work In Progress by Edgar Meyer.  This design is a full-bleed photo, but retains the color bar.  The cover features a photo of the artist, which is only done on 4 other albums in the series.