Sampler ‘88 Volume One

This sampler, the first for 1988, but seemingly after Guitar Stars, introduces a new artist and provides insights to some new albums.  The album features five artists:

Acoustic Alchemy gets two tracks to promote their new album, Natural Elements.  Both tracks are upbeat and in their classic style.

Giles Reaves gets two tracks for his new album, Nothing Is Lost.  One track is in the style of his previous album of “Space Music” and the other is in a new more electronic pop style.

Robert Greenidge and Michael Utley get a second promotion for their second album, Jubilee.

Jon Goin joins the MCA Master Series ranks and gets two songs to promote his first (and only) solo album.  Goin provides more upbeat electronic sound to the label, similar to Reaves second album.  he also makes more use of electric guitar.  Goin and Reaves’ styles blend pretty well together, as will be seen in a future release.

This album’s feel is also upbeat and driving, although (if this was a record) each side would be closed out with a long, mellow piece.

The artwork on the album is fairly standard with others.  It has a rainbow color bar, the smaller font for the artist and a single custom art piece.  The center art piece is a good example of the second phase of cover design, using more photographic pieces and less drawn artwork.