The Premiere Collection Volume I

With this sampler, released in 1990, it is clear that the label has run out of steam.  It would be only five years later that the MCA label would be sold and turned into Universal.  The sampler itself has no new albums and no new artists to back it up.  All the music is from earlier albums and, in the case of a couple songs, are found on other sampler albums.

Giles Reaves gets two songs from his two albums. Greenidge and Utley get their song repeated from Sampler ‘88 Volume 2.  Caldwell Plus gets their song repeated from Sampler ‘88 Volume 2.  Larry Carlton gets two songs from his two albums.  Billy Joe Walker Jr. gets a song from his second album.  He would never see a song from his third and final album on a sampler disc.  And John Jarvis only gets one song for his three albums of work.  Jarvis would not see his last album for MCA Master Series, Pure Contours, appear on a sampler disc.

The artwork on this album is as disappointing as Sampler 88 Volume 2, which is ironic since this album duplicates two of the songs from it.  The design is completely inconsistent with the other with no color bar and an odd collage of album covers in the center.