The Samplers

The four sampler releases all came early in the label’s existence.  No sampler included any songs from anything released after Guitar Speak, basically only covering the first 8 releases in the series.

Music Too Good For Words

In the first sampler, released in 1988, the first 4 artists on the label are highlighted.  Each gets 2 songs from their album release.  Pete Haycock, Wishbone Ash, William Orbit, and Stewart Copeland are featured.  The back of the album has what would be considered "a lot of text" describing the label and its intended audience.  The front of the album is a 4-panel grouping of the artwork from the 4 featured artists.

Music Too Good For Words, Two

The second sampler, also released in 1988, has 12 tracks from 9 different artists.  Two of the tracks are from a multi-artist collection, and the rest are from individual artists’ albums.  Alvin Lee, Randy California, Steve Hunter, Billy Currie, and Jimmy Z make their first appearance on the sampler, and all the previous artists, Pete Haycock, Wishbone Ash, William Orbit, and Stewart Copeland get an extra song promoted.

Because the sampler spans 8 albums, the cover layout is a little asymmetric, with some album covers only being partially displayed in the grouping.  One of the unique aspects of the album covers on the early No Speak series is that they are not a simple square shape, they are more of a "widescreen"  landscape layout, where the image wraps around.  This is a nice graphic touch, but makes placing them all together difficult.

Unlike the first sampler, there is no descriptive text on the back of the CD.  The liner notes inside the booklet are about the label as a whole and otherwise only feature artist images.