Jerry Douglas

Jerry Douglas released three albums on the label and played in Strength in Numbers.  He also played on many of Edgar Meyer’s albums on the label and appeared on an Acoustic Alchemy song as well.  Douglas was one of the first artists to be signed to the label and appeared on the first sampler disc.

Jerry Douglas brings a strong bluegrass sound to the label along with his co-writers and bandmates in Strength In Numbers.  He is considered one of the top players of his instrument and his albums are always fun to listen to.

Under The Wire

Under The Wire was released in 1986.  It is an album in the bluegrass genre.

The album artwork is from the first design style, meaning a colored border and center art image in muted, pastel colors.  The liner notes for the album suggest that the subject on the cover is Douglas’ own child.  Like other first-generation CDs, this CD has the spine text upside down.


Changing Channels

Changing Channels was released in 1987.  It is also a bluegrass album, but has a stronger, more driving feel to it than the first album.

The artwork on Changing Channels is in the second design style, which includes the large white border and colorful center artwork.  This album cover uses the enticing technique of breaking out of the frame, where a TV power cord extends to the edge and is actually completed on the back of the CD booklet.


Plant Early

Plant Early is Douglas’ last album on the label and was released in 1989.  1988 was most likely spent working on Strength in Numbers material.  In typical intergroup fashion, one song on the album is written by Edgar Meyer, with a very obvious Meyer styling.

The artwork for this album is not as interesting as previous ones.  It is photographic and features a dobro, but seems uninspired.  The border is not a solid color, but rather a textured pattern.  It is probably late in the second design style and suggests what the future third design style will be, with full-cover images.