Caldwell Plus

Caldwell Plus joined the MCA Master Series in its heyday and brought a different jazz sound, more like electronic funk.  This sound was pretty popular at the time, evidenced by some 80’s movies like Beverly Hills Cop and a lot of synth-pop on the radio.  Unfortunately, the sound didn’t resonate with the label’s audience, and only one album would be released.  Caldwell Plus did snag a spot on the Sounds of the Season sampler disc, which gets them an extra credit.

As We Bop

This album brings an electronic sound to the label, but not in the same style as Jon Goin and Giles Reaves.  Caldwell Plus got their two song promotion on the Sampler ‘88 Volume Two sampler and a single slot on the Premiere Collection Volume One sampler, but this is a band and an album you can’t find much information on.

The artwork for the album breaks from the second design style in that it doesn’t use the large white border and the cover itself is slightly off-white.