Sampler ‘86

This was the first MCA Master Series sampler and contained music from MCA’s first signed artists.  The songs are from the artists’ first albums on the label.  The artists represented are:

John Jarvis, whose contributions were an upbeat, country-ish tune – Scrumpy Cider – and a slower tune – A Month of Seasons.

Larry Carton, who provided his highlight song, Smiles and Smiles to Go and another slower piece, Perfect Peace.  Carlton’s style adds “smooth jazz” into the MCA collection of genres.

Robert Greenidge and Michael Utley, with a single song Coco Loco, representing the Caribbean sound.

Albert Lee provided a single song, reinforcing the country sound of MCA’s artists.

Jerry Douglas gives two bluegrass style songs to the collection.

Edgar Meyer finished off the disc with a couple of song in his usual eclectic style:  jazz/bluegrass/classical.

The sampler gives the listener an overall country/jazz sound.  Maybe a but more towards the country sound.

The artwork of the album is the first design motif, with a large colored border and a square picture centered.  The “Artist” MCA MASTER SERIES and the album Sampler ‘86 are in their usual upper-left corner in the usual font.  All of the CDs using this first design had the spine text upside down – very annoying when trying to view them as a full collection.