Giles Reaves and Jon Goin

After Giles Reaves released his second album, Nothing Is Lost, and Jon Goin released his album, Waltz At Big Sky, someone came up with the idea of the two electronic Master Series artists collaborating on an album together.  Not unlike the Meyer/Douglas/Strength In Numbers mashups, this album worked very well due to the similarities in their styles.  The largest difference between the solo and collaborative effort is the use of the electric guitar in nearly all lead lines.

Letting Go

Any conspiracy theorist would find the album names on the MCA Master Series full of potential.  In this case, Letting Go would be the last album by either Giles Reaves or Jon Goin for the MCA Master Series.  If you like either artist’s solo works, you will also like this album.

The artwork for the album is in the second design style and contains a photographic center art piece that does not use the styling of “breaking the borders”.