Now And Future

You might think there is someone new managing this blog.  But no, it is still the same person.  I’ve gotten a recent “kick in the pants” to write more.  You can see in my history that I’ve posted a few times a month and sometimes when nothing was going on, or when lots was going on, I skipped a month.  You can also see that I’ve been trying to post consistently every weekday as of late.  This accelerated publishing frequency has necessitated that I dip into old drafts and refine them for posting.  Not to worry there, I’ve got dozens in the backlog. 

I’ve never been at a loss for ideas, but over the years, it became a significant effort for me to flesh out an idea into a post.  It’s the same mechanism I use when writing music (which also has been neglected).  You start with a riff, and if you’re lucky, you have a hook.  Then you have to form the song around that riff.  If you have a good hook, you have to elevate the rest of the song’s parts to match the hook’s quality.  If it’s just a riff, you have to hope you’ll find the hook in the creation process.

Having ideas is easy.  Anyone can have them.  And that’s why Twitter exists.  At various times, I considered moving to Twitter because I could get ideas out without having to construct a narrative.  But now that I’ve shaken the dust off, I feel more accomplished being able to express an idea and surround it with context.

You’ll also notice that I’m starting to incorporate images and hyperlinks in my posts, where I rarely did before.  Actually, if you go way back to when this blog wasn’t even on WordPress, you’ll see more images.  So, I’m actually going back to my early blogging days.

On a completely different topic, I recently found out that the excellent blog composing utility, Windows Live Writer, which has been dormant for years and years, finally has a successor – Open Live Writer.  This utility seems to be a continuation of the original Windows Live Writer code, just updated to work with current blog platforms.  At a minimum, they fixed some issues with publishing to Blogger.  It’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t tried it before.

And lastly, a small announcement for the week coming up.  I’ve been practicing the skill of expanding a simple idea into something more substantial and to do that, I’ve written a small series of stories.  Well, they’re too short to be stories, more like tales.  Since it is Halloween season, these tales are all dark.  I’ll be posting them all next week.  Here’s a preview of what’s coming:

  • Halloween Scenes – Bundle Of Joy
  • Halloween Scenes – Everybody Loves You Now
  • Halloween Scenes – Desiccation
  • Halloween Scenes – Lesson Of A Lifetime
  • Halloween Scenes – Peep Show

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