Schrodinger’s Lottery

This morning, I woke up and I had won the Powerball jackpot.  And at the same time, I did not win it.  I was, for a brief while, Schrodinger’s cat.  And I could have remained in that state for as long as I wanted, provided I did not seek the truth or have it exposed to me by some means.

That period of time lasted longer than I thought.  I checked the news and learned there were three winners.  No change in status yet.  One of the winners was in my state.  Still no change in status.  I made it another couple hours all the way into work until I overheard a co-worker saying the ticket was sold in another city in the state.  Then, I knew my status.

Still, the idea of Schrodinger stuck with me.  Not being a quantum theory expert, my understanding is that anything can be in an infinite variety of states and doesn’t become actuality until it is observed.  The idea can really mess with your head especially if you have a good imagination.  There could be a skeleton behind you right now, but you won’t know until you turn around and confirm that.  If you wake up in the middle of the night, you could actually be dead.  You won’t know until someone can confirm to you that you are not.  Validate me!

If you have heard of or studied Theosophy, there is the idea that our spirit, or astral body (yes, the same astral as in astral projection), is so like our physical body and the astral world is so like the physical world, that upon a sudden death, many people aren’t even aware they are dead.

Quantum theory also suggests that there are infinite universes where all other alternatives exist.  Who observed them, I have no idea.  but whoever observed this one didn’t win me any Powerball.  Thanks for that.  But congratulations to my quantum fellows who did win.  See if you can get someone to observe some of that stuff my way.

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