Disconnecting, and Connecting

I made the decision today to delete my personal Facebook account.  To some, it may sound dramatic, but I hadn’t used it in months, so there was no pain involved.  I’m just staying old-school with the blog.  I’ll continue to maintain a different account for business purposes, but that never has any posts from me anyway.  That’s enough discussion about that.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a little about social media.  It started when I was forced to install the Facebook Messenger app on my Windows Phone because that functionality was removed from the main app, and also seems to have been removed from the phone integration (a key selling point of Windows Phone).  That led me to take a peek at Ello, which has been in the news lately as a potential rising star for future social platforms.  I was rather unimpressed.  If Facebook beat out Myspace for the reason of lack of customization, Ello beats Facebook in sheer minimalism.  And, I really dislike monospace fonts.

However, looking at Ello in such an early state gave me reason to think about what problem social media platforms are trying to solve.  When will Ello stop adding features?  How much do they need to add to make it “usable”?

I think what the Internet needs is a global contact list website.  To me, that would be the Internet’s “killer app”.  Do one thing that is critical, and do it extremely well.  How hard would it be to do this?  I’m going to spend some time and see…

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