Welcome To The Jungle

I have recently moved my web hosting and email to a new dedicated server on GoDaddy.  I’m rather pleased by this because it will allow me complete freedom to do whatever I want with the server, set up as many websites as I want, install any software, and resell hosting services.

But with great power comes great amounts of bullshit.  With my old hosting account, I had the benefit of some decent anti-spam measures.  So now that my mail is off that server, I ‘m now exposed to more spam.  I’m trying to take it with a good attitude, because some of it is clever and some is just downright retarded.

Case in point, the following email received today:


Edgardo from the USPS is emailing me from his school email account to tell me, in a poorly-constructed sentence, that they couldn’t deliver a package I sent.  He was nice enough to attach a shipment label in a zip file for me to print and collect at their office, wherever that office is.

Example #2:


This one is obvious.  You mouse over any link and the address it directs you to is not facebook.com, but some other address where you will get infected.  The best part of the email is that it is a notification for a facebook message posted on December 6, but the email notification was sent 5 hours early, on December 5.  Now that’s advanced technology, like they have in Nigeria, which happens to be in a time zone +6 hours away.  And we just happen to be on Daylight Savings Time here.  Nah, no coincidence.

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