A Difference of Opinion

Over the weekend, I was at a park finishing up a hike. I was walking back to the motorcycle, which I had ridden in on. A couple near me in the parking lot watched me for a bit, then the woman spoke up.

“You’re lucky, leaving your jacket and stuff on your bike when you’re not there.” I looked over at her and replied “I haven’t lost anything yet, and even if I do, it’d be an excuse to buy new stuff.”. Her companion chuckled and agreed.

She paused for a moment, then gave some parting thoughts as she got in their car. Something about punks coming in, destroying stuff, and other nonsense. I closed the conversation saying “well, you can’t live in fear of everything,” and pulled my helmet on. Her companion laughed louder and said, “You’re right about that!”

I’ve been leaving my jacket and helmet unsecured on my bike for a while. I used to lock it all up when I first started, but thought, who wants to steal used gear? If they need it that badly, have at it. Anyone that needs that stuff would already have it.

Anyway, it’s just stuff anyway. Some people are afraid of losing their stuff because that don’t know how to get more. If you have the confidence that you can get what you need when you need it, that fear is gone.  Some people put way too much effort into securing the stuff they have, like it’s some piece of them.

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