So Far, So Good, No Stabbings Yet

Tonight I had the sudden thought that I wanted to try acupuncture.  When I think of people I know and some people living with chronic pain and problems, I would like to recommend anything but drugs to them.  I believe in (true) holistic healing.  However, in my honesty, I couldn’t say definitively that it works.  So I thought I should try it myself so I could give a personal recommendation, or maybe, not recommend it at all.

The problem is, there’s nothing really wrong with me right now.  Maybe a year ago, I should have had this thought, when I was nearly crippled from my back pain.  Things are pretty good in my health lately.  Sure, I’ll get a sore back, or a sore hip or foot arch from hiking, but that’s nothing.  Those pains go away and they are just a small annoyance.  I don’t get sick.  That’s another one of those things like never worrying about money.  It just doesn’t happen.  As an example, just yesterday my nose started running and I had a run of coughing that hit me and tore up my throat like you know what’s coming.  I just insisted, “I am not getting sick.  I don’t get sick.”  Fifteen minutes later, I forgot I was even coughing.

I wracked my brain trying to think of what ailment I could treat with acupuncture.  The only thing I could come up with was my life-long battle with acne.  But come on, treating that with acupuncture bears a level of irony even I couldn’t handle.  Besides, I know the real solution for my skin is to stop drinking colored soft drinks (Coke, bad; Sprite, fine).  Weight loss?  No, all I need to do is eat less and walk more.  Stress? No, I just need to meditate more and get massages.  Can acupuncture find me a great date?  eh.

I had a passing thought that no problem I had was severe enough for acupuncture.  Actually, my thought was “…drastic enough for acupuncture.” and that surprised me.  Did I really consider this to be a drastic procedure?  I guess so, but it would be after plenty of other potential remedies like rest, exercise, massage, and OTC medication.  And it’s most ironic that in this point in my life, I want to try something casually that I also find to be a drastic procedure.

So, I guess I’m going to have to wait for something bad to happen to me.  The problem is, since my change in attitude, I can’t even picture something bad happening to me.  Such a difficult life to live when living in positivity…

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