Doors Close and Doors Open

Look at this, the supporter of the underdog has Facebook and WordPress accounts now.  What a sell-out.

Well, my programming blog finally shut down and Live Spaces is being shut down.  I thought I could just do without any long-form composition.  Coinciding with my purchase of a new Windows phone, I opened a Facebook account and thought it could be a blogging platform.  It can’t.  I don’t pretend to have a whole lot of anonymity online, but I figure if anyone wants to take the time to map my online handle to my real name, they must have some sort of interest in me.  So still, I’ll be keeping some more interesting thoughts and ruminations in this space, not under my real name.

And with WordPress comes a whole lot more functionality and configuration of the blog.  That’s a bit much for this first attempt.  I’m just pleased with the successful transfer of all my posts.  someday, I have to go through and remap all my images and get them off the Live servers.

I just haven’t posted much since I got the notice that Live Spaces was shutting down.  It didn’t make much sense.  But I’ve still had ideas and had some angst about where I’m going to put those thoughts.  I guess this is my answer.

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