Pondering, Planning, Preparing

Last night, I felt inspired to write a lengthy story on my experiences of the day.  It felt good to get the brain moving again and dust off some compositional skills that had atrophied over the recent years.  It wasn’t that long ago I was lamenting the realization that I was “Losing It”, as that Rush song goes.  My vocabulary was shrinking, my thoughts were becoming disconnected, I was losing focus.

I woke up today with a strange feeling of inspiration, strong enough to drag me out of bed.  Strong enough to sit me at the computer and write another story for three hours straight.  That feeling of inspiration did not fade throughout the day.  It’s actually been augmented by nostalgia, which has led me to read some old writings from me and to me from over ten years ago.

I was a different person then in some regards, but much of the writing was clever, insightful and most of all, passionate.  To wake up this morning with that same sense of inspiration was definitely something I needed to push me forward.  Reading through my highs and lows of the past reminded me I’m no different now than I ever was.  It was confirmation that I am returning to the real me again.

In fact, this realization is going to drive me to return to the point where I was ten years ago, before this long, slow decline started.  My previous life documentation will not be treated as nostalgia, relegated to the past.  Instead, it will be my target, a future definition of me based on a classic template of me.

Obviously the inspiration is still there and I can’t quite shake it.  I apparently feel the need to excise it further with a blog entry.

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