Me and the World

I’ve been on a pretty big Belinda Carlisle kick lately.  I was on checking out my profile and was surprised that I was the 2nd-highest player of that artist and not far off from the #1 spot.  The funny part that struck me was that my second most played artist was Rancid.  Now how does a record company market to someone like that?  "If you love Belinda Carlisle, you’ll really love the new Rancid album."
Browsing around some other related artists I saw someone whose top artist was the Go Go’s and their second artist was Metallica, So I’m not alone in that weirdness.
I heard on the news that another airline is going to be charging extra for baggage.  At first I was angry, thinking that the airlines are just tacking on fees for nothing.  I mean, they have the space available for baggage, why charge extra to use it.  Then I thought, well, if they reduce the amount of baggage, they lower the weight of the plane and should save on fuel.
So, if their prime objective is to reduce weight to save fuel, why not charge ticket prices based on the weight of you and your baggage?  A dollar a pound, or more accurately, just have an exchange rate.  Over holidays, ticket prices are $1.20/lb, during midweek, $.80/lb.  That could motivate people to lose weight and/or be more conservative in what they pack.  It also gives people the power to control their own prices. 
Finally, another commercial observation.  This one is a radio commercial for Mercedes Benz where they have customers giving testimonials.  This guy is going on about the service he gets from his dealer and how they sell him a new car about bi-annually.  Then he makes some inane comment about the reliability of MB.  Personally, I don’t expect any car to fail within two years before I trade it in, so I guess he’s got a pretty low expectation of quality.  Another female customer in the commercial sums up the MB attitude in one line: "You don’t get cappuccino at the Honda dealership."  I should send her a Starbucks gift card.

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