Adventures in Marketing

Some people just shouldn’t be in Marketing. On my morning commute, I listen to an AM radio station, which has some pretty bad commercials. Some of the ones that really make me wonder are the mortgage companies. I know they’re falling on hard times, but they don’t seem to be presenting their case very well.

The best (or worst) guy is trying to impress his listeners that some lenders are taking advantage of you. However his choice of words shocks you and you don’t hear the rest of the message.

"When your mortgage payment goes up by $200 a month, you can dislocate your jaw and swallow it like a snake eating an egg, or you can pay some predator to refinance your mortgage. Hi, this is blah from blah Mortgage…"

Snakes? Dislocate your jaw? Huh? A later commercial that I didn’t hear enough of to transcribe basically had a theme about hurting children and how anyone that hurts children will have it come back to them. A third commercial talked about the collapse of the economy with people jumping out of windows.

A line from another mortgage company commercial was:

"If you knew you were going to get hit with a bat, wouldn’t you duck?"

Why do I need to get hit? With a bat? Why do children have to get hurt? Why do we all jump out of windows?

It must be some kind of fear tactic, but the fear is probably driving the potential customers away from them. Idiots.

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