2023 Hike Log

So let’s try something different this year.  This time, I’ll just make one post and update it throughout the year with dates, location, distances, and notes.  That should be easier to maintain and I’ll be more apt to just put a quick log entry in here than trying to write a blog entry on a hiking trip.

So let’s start.

Date Location Distance Notes
1/7/2023 Colt Creek 3.6 mi
1/14/2023 Alafia 1.2 mi Thin trails with lots of opportunity to climb, but much more bike-oriented than hiker.
1/15/2023 Colt Creek 6.7 mi How long? How long? How long to the point of know return?
1/22/2023 Tenoroc 2.7 mi Blue loop; nice elevation changes and great views.
2/18/2023 Gator Creek 5.3 mi Deer Run loop. 1 tortoise, 1 gator.
2/25/2023 Colt Creek 2.7 mi No real hike. Just back and forth on spur trails.
3/5/2023 Colt Creek 6 mi First half of Yellow trail
3/21/2023 Green Swamp 3.7 mi First weekday hike after DST change
3/26/2023 Colt Creek 4 mi Second half of Yellow trail
5/30/2023 Gator Creek 2.3 mi Yellow trail
Laziness 0.0 mi
11/23/2023 Green Swamp 1.7 mi Something’s not right. No stamina. Need to start over?
12/5/2023 Green Swamp 5.4 mi That’s more like it. Still sore, though.
12/7/2023 Green Swamp 5.0 mi Tired, but not sore.
12/25/2023 Green Swamp 5.3 mi
12/30/2023 Gator Creek 5.3 mi Deer Run
12/31/2023 Tenoroc 4.3 mi Red Loop

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