A Nose For News

Update: Now with even more noses!

Before I updated my phone to Windows 10, I used the Microsoft Money app for news.  It had a glitch where if a photo was a certain size, it would zoom in on a smaller portion of the photo.  This resulted in an article thumbnail image that really had little to do with the story.

I don’t have this app anymore, so I present to you: My archive of noses:

wp_ss_20160613_0001 wp_ss_20160613_0002 wp_ss_20160628_0001 wp_ss_20160630_0001 wp_ss_20160706_0001 wp_ss_20160714_0001 wp_ss_20160720_0001 wp_ss_20160811_0001 wp_ss_20160816_0001 wp_ss_20160819_0001 wp_ss_20160823_0001 wp_ss_20160823_0002 wp_ss_20160826_0001 wp_ss_20160829_0001 wp_ss_20160905_0001 wp_ss_20160913_0001 wp_ss_20160914_0001 wp_ss_20160914_0002 wp_ss_20160916_0001 wp_ss_20160922_0001 wp_ss_20160922_0002 wp_ss_20160928_0001 wp_ss_20160928_0002 wp_ss_20160929_0001 wp_ss_20161004_0001 wp_ss_20161006_0001 wp_ss_20161006_0002 wp_ss_20161010_0001 wp_ss_20161012_0001 wp_ss_20161020_0001 wp_ss_20161028_0001 wp_ss_20161107_0001 wp_ss_20160227_0001 wp_ss_20160323_0001 wp_ss_20160324_0001 wp_ss_20160329_0001 wp_ss_20160330_0001 wp_ss_20160330_00021 wp_ss_20160403_0001 wp_ss_20160407_0001 wp_ss_20160412_0001 wp_ss_20160412_00021 wp_ss_20160413_0001 wp_ss_20160414_0001 wp_ss_20160429_0001 wp_ss_20160503_0001 wp_ss_20160525_0001 wp_ss_20160527_0001 wp_ss_20160527_00021 wp_ss_20160606_0001 wp_ss_20160609_0001 wp_ss_20160610_0001

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