Christmas Cheer Is Here

I have to say,  I love my first Christmas tree.  It’s a great mix of standard ornaments, special ornaments, and embellishments.  The color palette is varied enough without being too schizophrenic.  The ornament coverage is full, but not overwhelming.  It’s at the point where adding garland would be too much.


There’s a nice mix of balls – matte, shiny, and clear.  There’s a set of 6 glass icicles and an even cooler set of 3 ice drops, just enough to be a nice surprise here and there.  Then there’s a bunch of diamond and ruby drops hanging at the ends of branches.

As far as unique ornaments go, there’s enough on the tree that it might be a nice scavenger hunt to find them all.  This would be the list:

  1. Hedgehog
  2. Balloon animal dog
  3. T-Rex
  4. Flamingo
  5. Bird nest
  6. Coke cans
  7. Buoy
  8. Nutcracker
  9. All three birds
  10. The owls

And there’s plenty of others, too, but not unique enough to call out.  Metal bells, acrylic stars, snowflakes, and candy canes, fabric candy canes, and more.


As I mentioned before, all the ornaments are hung with fancy hangers, not the simple green or silver wire hangers.  Aside from how much easier it is to attach the hook to the ornament and how much easier it is to hang on the tree, these fancy hangers are sturdy and become a part of the decoration.  So not only do you look at the ornament and try to ignore or look past the simple hanger, you see the hanger as part of the ornament.

I remember how the lower loop of the simple wire hooks wrapped around the bulb’s hanging loop.  I remember how that was always just a little annoying to connect the two and it was enough of a hassle to not want to detach it when breaking down and packing the bulbs back up.  Well, the fancy hooks don’t loop; they’re just hooks.  So disassembling them after the season is going to be a breeze.  It makes we wonder why the wire hooks had to be so secure like that?

The great news is that neither cat nor dog had any incident with the tree.  For the most part, there wasn’t any need to put the non-breakables at the bottom of the tree.  But we did put all the bells down there as an early warning system.  In fact, the cat loves it.  “…and to all a good night”, indeed.


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