It’s Happening Again

A couple of years ago, I wrote about tea.  I had casually mentioned that I found a new tea brand and I was enjoying it.  That brand was Te Bustelo.  Well, over two years later, I am still very much enjoying it.  My GF, ever-thoughtful, bought me two huge cans of tea mix, and they lasted me, well, two years.  I’m just finishing up the second canister now.

For Christmas, I suggested she replenish my stock.  Te Bustelo could only be had at Wal-Mart, and that’s not a place I go.  A few days later, she reported she was unsuccessful in finding any.  So I searched Wal-Mart’s website.  It said the product was no longer available.  Panic starts setting in.  I jump on Amazon.  The only thing available is a 6-pack of canisters and there’s only 8 cases left of them. At a little over $7/can, this isn’t really a great deal.

Oh shit.  This is just like what happened with Nestea.  I find something I really like and it disappears.  So, without delay…


Today, Amazon only has one case left in stock.  You can’t find Te Bustelo anywhere else online.  This is the end.  So, I guess I’m probably good for 2-3 more years and then it’s on to something else.  But what?  Back to Lipton?  Try the 4c brand I see everywhere?  Will they even be around in 3 years?

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