Today is Tuesday – Tie Tuesday – and I’m doing the tie thing.  If you’ve seen Mai Ties, today is “The Distinctive” against a grey shirt.  At lunch, the waitress asks me if I’m a car salesman.  No, why?  The tie.  So, I shut her up by stating that it’s Tie Tuesday so you have to wear a tie.  Duh, everyone knows that.

Why a car salesman?  I mean, it could have been lawyer, banker, real estate agent, store manager, or anything else.  Why was that the first and more logical thought?  Yeah, there’s a car dealership nearby, but there’s dealerships everywhere.

Does wearing a tie make you seem dishonest?  Wait a minute, does being a car salesperson make you seem dishonest?  Where was I going with that… Do I look dishonest wearing a tie?  No, not dishonest, do I look like I’m trying to impress someone?  That’s not it.  Why do car salespeople wear ties?  What is that purpose, then I can figure out why I looked like I had that purpose because I was wearing a tie.  Maybe.

But I’m wearing jeans.  She didn’t notice that; it was just the tie.  Is it the style of the tie?  Maybe because it’s trendy and not traditional that made it seem car salesperson-y?  Is it because I had a tie clip?  My impression would be that not wearing a tie clip would be more casual and more salesperson-like.  What exactly am I trying to figure out here?

The waitress was old.  Maybe that’s a generational thing?  She grew up always seeing car salespeople wearing ties?  But back then, people would wear suit jackets as well.  If I wore a jacket now, I would probably look more like a banker, except for the jeans, again.  Maybe it’s my age.  If a young guy was wearing a tie, she wouldn’t ask if he was selling cars.  She’d just think he was a hipster. Or something.

Or maybe, she just sucks at conversation and commented on something that made me stand out from the crowd.  There were a bunch of grungy people there.  So…. car salespeople are not grungy.  Check.  I think I’ve got it now.

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