Gonna Be One Of Them Old People

… with the leased telephone.

Verizon nags me non-stop about upgrading my Internet service so I can get faster speeds and a new router.  The thing is, I know why they want this.  They need to move on to a new standard for routers and until everyone switches, they’re pretty much stuck.

There’s an easy way to resolve it though.  Just offer me a hardware trade.  You want to get rid of the old router, so just give me a new router and we’ll call it even.  I have little need for more speed.  I got 60/60 in a speed test just now, but for $10 more a month, I can get 75/75.  Sorry, V, you gotta try harder than that.  I figure they’ll make the offer eventually.

I have mixed emotions about Verizon.  FIOS has been rock-solid and a dream come true.  I can’t complain about my bill either.  The first time, the contract was under my ex wife’s name for 2 years, then I changed it to my name and got another new user bonus for another 2-yr contract.  Then I worried about losing that special pricing in the next contract renewal.  You wouldn’t believe it.  My price went down.  Not a lot, maybe $5, but still.  Who ever heard of a utility bill going down?

No, my big beef with Verizon is their bundling.  I don’t watch TV, I don’t need a land line.  I have (and rent) one base-model cable box because I think I have to.  Nope, I just need Internet, but it’s more expensive to not get the 3-way bundle. Still, how can I complain when my rate is dropping?

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