2014 In Spam

It was in April of 2013 that I made a change to the way I use my email.  Unlike most people, I don’t just have an email address, I have an email domain.  And I use that entire domain namespace by creating a specific email address for every business I deal with.

My email server processes the emails against a blacklist instead of a whitelist.  That means that I can create any email address I want, and it will get delivered to me unless I put it on a list to be blocked.  That reduces the amount of administrative headache I have.

The purpose of this is so that I can tell where my emails are being lost, stolen, or sold.  The instances of this in 2014 were pretty low.  Someone got my paypal email from someone I did business with, some political spammer used a public records request to get my electric company email, and one website’s user database got hacked (and they won’t admit to it).

What I was a little fearful of when creating this wildcard email account was that some automated script would hit my mail server and try a whole slew of predictable emails, like admin@, webmaster@, accounting@, president@, etc.  My wildcard account would catch these and I’d get inundated with mail.  However, this hasn’t happened yet.  I did get some spam by someone who guessed an email address using the firstname.lastname@ structure, so that email was then blocked.

My blacklist only has 6 entries, which I think is pretty good.  And to not have any spam is plenty wonderful.  I just did some checking and it seems my mail server software is rather old.  I think an upgrade will be in order sometime this year.

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