Ask No Questions, Get No Answers

I performed a brief social experiment today that gave me some surprising, and yet unsurprising, results.

At work, our break room has a TV.  And during break time, invariably, someone wants the TV to be going.  Sometimes, it’s HGTV, or sometimes sports, and one time, it was Jerry Springer.  Since I’m not a fan of TV in general, I’m annoyed.

Today, with no one around, I changed the TV to a dead channel.  I thought that would annoy other people.  I speculated that someone would immediately grab the remote and change the channel.  Instead, people just assumed the cable was out and didn’t even try to change it.  Some people were mocking the cable company, some people speculated that it was the weather.  No one ever looked to see if any other channels worked.

I like this and may do it often in the future.

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