Today, I got in my car to go to work today and I took note of the gas gauge.  I have enough to get to work and I can get gas at lunchtime.  So I head off to work.  Out on the interstate, there’s an accident.  Great.  Still doing good on gas, though.

It was a delay of about 10 mins.  I’ll be fine.  I decide to stop for breakfast.  At the Dunkin Donuts just down the road from my office, I get out of the car and something immediately feels odd.  Just as I realize what it is and my hand moves to my pocket, I have a flashback of the previous night.

I’m leaving my office and heading to bed and I look down at my desk.  I say to myself, “I have to remember my wallet tomorrow morning.  It’s not in its usual place.”

It’s still there on the desk.  How am I going to get breakfast?  Lunch?  Gas?  I have to go back and get it.  But I’m going to be late for work, like almost 2 hours late.  Nevermind, I’ll have to deal with that when I get back.

I jump back in my car and it hits me.  I don’t have enough gas to get back home to get my wallet.  My mind starts racing trying to figure out how to resolve this.  My only option is to continue to work and borrow some money to get me back home.  But what a ridiculous reason.

Ridiculous or not, that is what I did.  I went to my boss and explained the whole situation and he lent me the money to get the gas to get home and get my wallet.  I have a real issue accepting help from other people, so I took this a little harshly.

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