You Matter

Yesterday, I was driving home and nearing an intersection.  I saw an emergency vehicle approaching on the cross street with its lights on.  I stopped at the intersection, although my light was green.  I certainly could have made it through before the emergency vehicle, but when you see lights flashing, you stop.  That’s the proper thing to do.  The emergency vehicle safely went through the intersection and everyone got on with their drive.

Afterwards, I thought, I might have just saved someone’s life because I waited.  From there, my thoughts went further out.  The restaurant I was at for lunch was really empty, so I tipped a couple bucks more than usual.  I might have just helped someone finally pay off a nagging bill.  The hostess was happy to see me that day, so I gave her a pleasant smile.  Maybe that will convince her to make that needed change in her horrible relationship.  I waited an extra second or two at a green light.  Maybe that slowed traffic down a little and prevented an accident somewhere.

The point is, everything you do has an effect.  It may be positive, it may be negative, most likely it’s both.  You may not know the effects you have with every little choice you make in the day, but that is how everything works together.

Everything you do has an effect on everything else.  You are the most important person in the entire universe.  Without you, things would be… different.  Now go out there and don’t fuck this up.

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