If you want a good opportunity to re-evaluate your life, help someone pack and move. Notice the amount of time you are spending taking care of stuff. Notice the moments of "oh, I forgot about that!" Notice how some things are carefully put into storage and some things are carelessly grouped together in meaningless piles.

Look for the redundancies and duplication. Look for the obsolescence and uselessness. Count the boxes and estimate when each would be opened, if ever.

It’s pretty simple. Do you really need 50 glasses and cups? Do you expect to serve 16 people with all those plates? What about the manuals for the phones you don’t even own anymore? Did you check, or did you just toss the stack of manuals in a box?

Moving should be a opportunity to do a full review and inventory, but many people, I suspect, simply see it as an event involving moving everything from one location to another.  It’s no secret, I have given up on “stuff”.  I just feel that my beliefs have been strengthened and that maybe another round of downsizing should be in my future.

If I ever had to move, how many people would it take to move my stuff?  As I look around, I feel a little disappointed.  It’s too much.

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