The Carpet Bomber vs The Sniper

I got a job posting from LinkedIn today.


The thing is, my LinkedIn profile clearly shows that I am currently employed, that I am a computer programming expert, and that I have been doing that profession for 15 years.  Yet somehow, someone seems to feel that I am an excellent candidate for a part-time clerk position.

One question that comes to mind is, “You can’t just walk out on the street and ask 10 people if they need a job?”  Unemployment is SO high right now and you’re emailing me?

But I think the truth is, it doesn’t matter.  They don’t care.  Like someone deciding between utilizing bombers and snipers and thinking, “Either one still kills ‘em, right?”  One just has more innocents in the way.  But all’s fair in love, war, and commission-based employment.

In years past, I heard many pitches about “more targeted results”, “better leads”, “reduce your effort and increase success”.  It doesn’t seem that these goals are desired any more.  When it takes as much effort to email one as it does a million, why wouldn’t you go for the bigger pool?  And honestly, you have the side benefit of any one of those people spreading the word for you.  It sounds like a no-lose proposition.

So where is the downside?  Well, for me, this isn’t the only case of employment-services stupidity I’ve had.  I’ve had multiple solicitations even calling me at my desk at my current employer.  I don’t forget this.  When the time comes that I need their services, they will not be on the list of companies I deal with.

Ok, so they’ve lost the business of one person.  No big deal, I’m just collateral damage.

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