They Eat Their Own

I’ve been steadily increasing my ire towards the effects of the Boomer generation.  I know that once this generation passes, the world will be a better place.  Unfortunately for my generation – Gen X – we will be in a wasteland by that time and Gen Y will also have to help clean up the aftermath.  Gen Z has a chance at success by middle-age.

I’m keeping a close eye on news stories of financial scandals, as they always seem to be led by baby boomers.  No matter the time frame, whether the 80’s, the 00’s or the current 08 meltdown, a boomer is always at the head of the greed.  There are plenty of other blogs out there that share my impressions of that generation, so I won’t soapbox it.

A news story caught my eye today about how boomers are being scammed in record numbers by Ponzi retirement schemes.  This disheartened me.  I thought to myself, “Come on, Gen X’ers.  We’re not like that.  There’s no need to act like them.”  So I researched the scheme described in the article.  It was alleged to be run by James D. Risher, who happens to be 61 years old.


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