More Important Information

Back in 2008, I talked about a “privacy update notification” that did nothing but reduce privacy.  This time, I get a letter about marketing preferences.  It starts out with the line “Currently, our records indicate that you are not being mailed any offers from Chase and we wanted you to know…”  Yes. I do believe I told you not to contact me.

Oh, but they’re not selling me anything.  On first glance, it looks like they want to offer me a chance to sign up to receive offers in the mail, just in case I was missing them.  There’s things like “Auto and Vehicle Financing” and “Business Banking” and “Credit Card”.  Each has a little oval that you can fill in your response.

So I’m thinking that this is totally stupid.  Why would I personally select which offers I want to receive, especially when I told them before I didn’t want anything.  So I read a little further.  Oh, the form is not to select the offers you want.  It’s to select the offers you do not want.  Incredible.

Somehow, your communication preferences expire and by default, they all get reactivated if you do nothing.  In fact, the end of the letter states that responding will keep your choices in effect for 5 years or until your address changes, whichever comes first.  So, at a minimum, this is going to happen again.

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