What Will Utopia Be Like?

We are always building robots to make things easier for us and to take care of us.  Once we create robots that can repair and maintain themselves and built more of themselves, we will no longer have to work.  We can have robots to farm for us, clean everything, transport us anywhere, create and build anything we want. They can monitor and maintain our health for us.

Once we reach that point, we won’t need to work. The robots will do everything for us and will keep us healthy.  The robots will keep themselves in working order and can build replacements as needed.  And we won’t need to have to take of them.  We will be free of any responsibility. 

What will that be like?  Initially, only the rich will be able to afford robots of that scale.  Will there be a crisis during the transition period where all work is replaced by robots, but the concept of currency is not obsolete?  I mean, it will be difficult to let go of that measure of self-worth.  At what point will robots be able to provide all the food and medical needs for a population?  I suppose once robots could build more robots, the time would compress very quickly.

It all sounds good.  But would life be like under the care of robots.  What would it be like to be the robots’ house pets?

Look at your cat or dog with jealousy at the simplicity of their lives. Look at how you take care of most every aspect of their care.  Eventually a robot will be doing that to you.  Maybe you don’t want that lifestyle; maybe you want to be “free”.  You’d run away and become feral, surviving in groups with other feral people.

And then finally, maybe we’ve have some actual population control.

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