Weight Loss

A couple of posts ago, I talked about becoming independent as a person and a computer.  Then I talked about being weighed down with historical data.  So, in the process of migrating my data off the server and to my workstation, I’ve managed to accidently and permanently lose a lot of weight.  Specifically, it was my PST file from Outlook.

So how does it feel to wipe out years worth of emails, contacts, and appointments – past, present, and future?  How does it feel to have backups going back to a couple of days after the date you need one?  Should I be happy about this loss of history coinciding with starting a new life?

And the Undelete software is running a deep scan.  Nothing found on the quick scan.  It seems the file is gone for good.  Even if it did get found in the deep scan, the chance of a 15GB file being fully uncorrupted, and with PST files being notoriously impossible to recover once corrupted, my chances of success are close to nil.

This is my chance to start fresh.  I had folders nested within folders, probably a hundred in total.  All of my online activity, like registrations with websites, bill pay records, receipts, personal emails, business emails – all of this stored in that one file.  But now, I’m going to start with Inbox and Sent Items.  I can recover some contact info from Windows Live to jump start my contacts, but the rest must rest in peace.

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