Brave New World, Indeed

This gay student suicide is a pretty hot topic.  Given the trend for social networking and over-sharing,  this seems like growing pains to me.  It seems to be a social progression to share more and more of your private moments.  Some people – probably along generational lines (including mine) – aren’t able to handle that.  This student addressed his inability to handle it in an extreme fashion.

Eventually,  through elimination or extinction, the only ones left will not have any shame about sharing their most private moments.  Maybe at that time, prejudices will be eliminated.  It’s going to be a painful transition with more incidents like this, but, is it a cost to pay for a more positive future?  Everyone sharing everything?  Maybe bad.  People not getting stigmatized for their unique beliefs, hobbies, preferences?  Pretty good.

Obviously each of us has pretty narrow vision of how things are since we don’t live too long, relatively speaking.  Give it a few more generations and you won’t even recognize us.

Indirectly related, I wonder what’s going to happen when the current generation of over-sharers starts running for public politics.

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