America the Weak

Here’s a rant.  This is a peeve of mine.  I was at Wendy’s and I went back up to the counter for a refill.  I took the lid off the cup and the counter girl asked what I was drinking.  Coke, obviously.  So she grabs a new cup and starts putting ice in it.  I’d seen this many times and it always angered me at the simple waste of a cup.

So I asked, can’t you just use this cup?  She said no, that I might have a cold and not know it, or I might have "done something" to the cup, and that it was a health risk for her to take it; they could get sued.  Ok.  I understand.  She gave me my new drink and I asked "can you throw this one away?"  Sure.  She took it from me and I said, "Now you’re touching my cup.  Why couldn’t you fill it?"  she quickly countered with "but I can wash my hands afterwards."  And you could have washed your hands after filling the dirty, filthy, customer cup, too.

But America doesn’t think like that.  A bunch of germophobic, sue-happy morons.  Here’s a clue: Germs don’t obey the law.  You and your immune system are either stronger than them or you will succumb to them.  You can’t pass laws and policies that will stop them.

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