There’s no place like home (thankfully)

They say you can’t go home again.  They’re wrong, but there’s no mention that once you get there, you realize it sucks.  Or so it did for me.  After a couple years of being back in my home town, I had the opportunity and discovered I’d returned to a city of potholes and derelict buildings..
I was mildly surprised by my recollection of everything as it was, so I only needed to absorb the changes.  This business closed, that’s new, that building still hasn’t collapsed, that road has collapsed and is now closed, why can’t I get a damn 3.5mm stereo cable anywhere around here?
One of the positive aspects of the trip was hanging out with an old friend, which included a requisite road trip to a neighboring town for fast food.  In all my memory, nowhere makes fast food as consistently good as this one.  And although it’s pretty pathetic to rate fast food in this manner, it’s an honest pat on the back that after so many years, with so many crews working their respective stores, the restaurants put out well-prepared food that has earned the loyalty of two customers.  There must be more people out there that feel the same.  Oh, and I can buy Snyder’s of Berlin pretzels here.  And I will.
So I’m sitting here waiting for a store to open.  It’s 29 degrees.  Yesterday it was about 42 and I was going around without a jacket on.  Apparently my heat reserve is used up because it’s cold now.  I’m up here for the next couple weeks, so I guess I’ll have to get used to it.  I’m waiting for the dry skin to kick in.  My nose is dried up and a little raw, so it’s starting already.

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