Week One

I mentioned briefly that there were some minor physical changes when using Reiki, the feeling of my hands pulsing, earaches, a sense of vibration.  The day after my classes, while eating lunch with my co-workers, I was watching the television across the room and something struck me funny:  I could read the closed captioning.  I’m at the point where I need glasses for distance (driving, typically) and reading the text on the screen is not something I could do before.  Since then, I’ve been paying attention to my vision and it really is better.  There is no way that is coincidence.

One other thing that I noticed when I channel Reiki is that the veins in my hands bulge.  When I was young, this was a regular occurrence, but I haven’t really had that for about 10 years or more.  I’m seeing it right now as I’m typing.  I don’t know if this is a sign of increased heart rate or blood flow.  I never paid much attention to my blood pressure in the past, so I can’t exactly do any comparisons, but it is an interesting physical change.

One more change is the decrease in the amount of soft drinks I consume.  It’s a pretty radical drop, although not entirely eliminated.  That day when I noticed my vision change, I made the comment that I was still on my first drink, and that one was less than 10% down.  Everyone at the table was shocked, because they know how I drink.  At the end of the day, I told my co-worker in the cube next to me, “one,” which is the number of cans of Coke I drank throughout the day.  Before the Reiki class, it was between three and five.  Today as I write this, it’s zero.  It’s all been water, lately.

I’ve given three Reiki treatments.  The first, as previously noted, fixed up an injured ankle.  The next one was a more emotional healing and during the session, I had some sensations that caused my eyes to twitch.  The third one was uneventful.  Each time, I felt a little emotionally distant afterwards, but as I’d been taught, the Reiki energy flowing through me to the client was helping me as well.  So each time, although I was in a somewhat uncomfortable position with my back and legs, the pain always went away sometime afterwards.