I Will Not Worry

Worry is a persistent element. If worry was an element, it would be water.  Unrelenting and unstoppable, it surrounds you and washes over you, weighing you down and restricting your free movement.  I have read in other places that worry is a future fear, so it doesn’t have any context in the present.  The scary thing about worry is that it has tendency to come true.  “That which I fear most has come upon me.”  So eliminating worry should be a high priority.

The problem with worry is that there’s no plan of action if it actually does happen.  Worry is actually the result of not having a plan of action.  So to combat worry, all you have to do is have a plan.  Chronic worriers will immediately point out that they don’t have enough information to come up with a plan.  In that case, the plan becomes “If this happens, get this information.”  You shouldn’t be worried about anything more than one step into the future.  There’s nothing wrong with making plans for many future scenarios, but there is nothing to be gained by thinking, “If this happens and I do this, I don’t know what will happen.  But if this happens and I do this other thing, I don’t know what will happen either.”  Condense these open-ended thoughts with, “If this happens, I will either do this or that.”  That completes your thought with a definitive action on your part, keeping you in control of the situation.