I Will Be Kind To Every Living Thing

This is only as hard as you make it.  Think about all living things:

  • People
  • Animals
  • Insects
  • Plants

It’s pretty obvious to be kind to people.  It’s also probably the hardest, since we come in contact with so many in a day.

Animals could probably be subdivided into domestic and wild variants.  It’s pretty easy to be kind to domestic pets, since they are pets.  Some people abuse their pets, but then again, some people abuse their children.  It’s something the world needs to work on.  Being kind to wild animals is a bit more difficult.  Sometimes roadkill happens and is unavoidable.  But animal torture and sport hunting is pretty clear as to kindness.

Insects are harder still.  In general, I operate on the principle of “I won’t mess with you in your environment, and you don’t mess with mine.”  So insects found inside my house are in hostile territory, but I don’t go needlessly killing insects outdoors.

Plants are difficult.  It’s not very often you intentionally treat a plant unkindly.  Even clearing a forest for construction isn’t really done out of spite, it’s just business.  But many times an argument is made that we need to live in harmony with nature, which I can agree with to a point.  However, you cannot deny that man will never win over nature.  As soon as we’re gone, plants will take back everything.