The last two days, I’ve spent in class for Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3.  Technically, I am now a Reiki Master.  But after all that training, I don’t exactly know how I feel about the whole thing.

I’ll say first off, Reiki works.  It does work.  I experienced it in the class and I’ve successfully performed it on someone else with surprisingly – very surprisingly – good results.  The point of conflict for me is that Reiki is easy and natural.  The little experiments I tried before the classes, that was Reiki working.  The healing I got in class, it happened pre-attunement.  The experience I felt in the group treatment, again, pre-attunement.

My teacher was extremely down to earth about the training.  It was to the point that after the first day I was disillusioned about Reiki.  If you’ve read about Reiki, you know about the five principles.  The principles weren’t mentioned once in class.  The history of Reiki, not discussed.  It was in the handouts, but the handouts weren’t even reviewed, except to discuss the symbols.  The symbols, just drawings.  They’re somewhat important to know as a focusing tool and to have a commonality with other practitioners, but otherwise, meh.

So this is how it was taught to me.  Coming in to the class, studying the history, the sacredness, the spiritual journey, all of it was discarded.  And yet, Reiki still worked.  It worked before the attunements and obviously afterwards too.  And now that I am attuned as a teacher, I’m not sure what or even if I should teach.  My teacher put no emphasis on his Reiki lineage, so I don’t know what mine is, either.  In formal Reiki instruction, that is considered a pretty big deal.  It’s a sign of your credibility.

The experiences I was hoping to have and to journal never happened, like having visions during attunement and a sense of power rushing through me.  Not to say I didn’t have any experiences at all.  During the first two attunements, the only thing I saw was a white light that morphed into a dense, red web form.  Nothing dramatic and nothing physical.  Well, I did get a brief earache after the first attunement.  When giving Reiki, it has been told to me that my hands get hot and feel like they pulse.  When receiving group Reiki, I’ve felt vibrations.  One person treating me correctly identified the exact place I was hurting without being told anything.  Is it the mind just playing tricks?  Who’s to say?

I guess on some level, I feel let down.  Reiki isn’t magical.  It doesn’t require months or years of training.  It doesn’t require secrets or initiations.  But these things are nice, and your belief of and in them might make the experience more powerful.  And I think I did want to believe, but the training I got was the reality, and like eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge, you can’t undo it.

So, I guess I’m just going to leave these pages up as an anticlimactic end to my journey.  Ironically, that is the word my teacher used to describe the attunements – anticlimactic.