Before All This

I believe that a person can’t make another person believe anything; a person has to create that belief for themselves.

Looking back, I guess I’ve had an on-and-off relationship with spirituality.  I use the term spirituality because it’s the one that causes the least conflict in people’s minds and yet still expresses the events and feelings.  Basically, anything outside the realm of science falls into belief, which is the basis of spirituality.  Most everyone accepts this, because everyone except atheists have a belief of some sort.  Sadly, people don’t seem to get along when their personal beliefs don’t match up, but that’s not what this story is about.  If you find you don’t agree with any of the situations and events presented, it’s not going to change my belief.

As a pre-teenager, my first memory of mind powers was finding a book on the family room shelf.  I can’t say for certain, but I think it was “The Power of Your Subconscious mind”.  I don’t remember reading it, but I do remember an illustration of a pile of money fading into existence on a table.  I thought this was amazing, and although I didn’t pursue any exercises in the book, the image has stuck with me all this time.

In my early 20’s, I discovered the wonders and dangers of credit cards, and like many, I got in over my head.  My dad was kind enough to bail me out and I had truly learned my lesson.  One thing I remember saying at the end of that episode was, “I will never worry about money ever again.”  This statement’s effects have followed me for the rest of my life.  I really never have worried about money.  My account may get low, but more money always comes from somewhere to make things better.

I didn’t know at the time what I had done.  It was many years later that I remembered the book and purchased it.  As I read through it (this version didn’t have illustrations), it made sense immediately, and I discovered the power of the subconscious mind.

A few years later, I built an interest in other metaphysical sciences like astral projection and telepathy.  I had some success, but it was always unpredictable so I never was able to progress very far with it.  Because of this, I suppose I would just be consider a casual practitioner.

Many years later, after little sustained interest in metaphysics (I had tried lucid dreaming and more astral projection, with no success), I was reading an ebook on the astral plane and it mentioned some things regarding Theosophy.  The book itself was way over my head and I understood very little of what I was reading.  So I thought learning Theosophy would help.  The only time I had previously heard the word Theosophy was in a Blondie song.  I downloaded a lot of books and many of them were over my head as well, except for one, Elementary Theosophy.  This book made a profound change in my life.

I had previously read books like “Hello from Heaven” and they had reduced any fear of death that I might have had before, but learning the basics of Theosophy made me completely lose any fear of death, reduced (but not eliminated) my irritation at minor daily situations like traffic and forgetfulness.  I became unhurried, for one.  This lowered my stress level significantly.  I also became much more tolerant, understanding that everyone is at a different level of evolution in their soul.  I also became much less materialistic.  In my blog, I talk about downsizing my life.  As I continue this journey, I find strange connections that show that I am progressing towards something.  My need of products is deceasing with each step, because the knowledge is showing me that that’s not what life is about.

So as I’m moving along, what seems to be the next step has been provided to me.  I was at dinner with the CPA who does my taxes and in the course of our discussion on reincarnation, Theosophy, and whatnot, she brings up a Reiki training session that she heard about and was interested in.  I’d never heard of it and when I was told it was energy healing through hands-on, I immediately said, “Oh I would be great at that.”  Which is probably true.

For a very long time, I’ve always thought my hands had some kind of power.  When I would give a massage, my hands would heat up unusually hot.  Many times if someone complained about a pain, I would have an image in mind of just placing my hands on them, not even massaging, just touching.  I had never thought it was a real therapy.

And so the next stage of my development is planned.