And Now Just Before

At this point, I’m three weeks away from the Reiki class.  I’ve been reading as much as I can about Reiki, possibly to know what is in store. But at the same time, I feel I might be spoiling some of the surprise.  One website suggested starting a Reiki journal, which I’ve taken to heart.  Some of the testimonials said that attunement was a life-changing experience, and I wanted to make sure I had the past recorded so that I could positively see if any changes were happening with me.

Many websites talk about Reiki training spanning the course of years, whereas my training is going to span one weekend.  This worries me a little bit, but I’m trying to believe that I am ready for it, otherwise, it would have been presented to me in a different fashion.

Two weeks before the class,  Sunday evening, I had a strange upset stomach, which brought to mind some people’s stories of reactions they had from remote attunement.  Not sure if that was the case or not, since I’ll have to verify it with the teacher, but still something I wanted to log.

Now, one week before the class, I am beginning some preparatory cleansing.  Ideally, I would eliminate meat from my diet, but I’m going to slowly work my way down.  And I’m not going to become vegetarian.  That’s just too far, even for me.  And it recalls a very bad moment from my previous relationship and I don’t want to put my current relationship in that kind of situation.  Cutting down on soft drinks; this means I get a wake-up drink on the way to work, water until lunch, Coke at lunch, water until dinner, then tea for the evening.  Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about smoking and alcohol.  The rest is about relaxing and getting in tune with nature.  It’s ironic that a couple of side jobs just completed last week, so I don’t have anything to busy myself with after work.

Just a few days before class, and as noted in a blog post, my back has decided to give me some trouble.  I recovered from that pain pretty quickly and last night, without having any Reiki training yet, I decided to try and apply Reiki.  I placed a hand over my heart and over my stomach and relaxed.  What happened?  I was feeling nothing, then strangely – and I don’t remember when it happened – I was in a totally different state of relaxation.  It was like flipping a light switch.  I’ve read enough to understand that you usually can’t feel the Reiki sensation as both giver and receiver, so I assume this was the receiver sensation.  But I did have feeling in my hands, sometimes painful.  I also felt something at the top of my head, like it was rising.  After a period of time, I felt like it was over, and I was somewhat alert. I got up for a bit, then laid back down and tried again over the root chakra.  Again, weird sensations in my hands, a little unpleasant.  After that, I rolled over and went to sleep.  This experience gives me some confidence in what I think I’m supposed to feel after attunement.

Now today is my last day of being unattuned.  Last night I tried to do Reiki on myself, but I was unsuccessful and I think there were too many distractions: laundry dryer, cat jumping around, sound soother.  However, I had a pretty weird dream, kind of a like an action movie at the end where it’s a standoff at the bad guys’ warehouse complex and everything’s been lost.  The boss bad guy walks off to detonate underground explosives and the whole area turns into a massive muddy sinkhole, where I (and plenty of others) are sucked down into and die.  My death from a past life?  Maybe.  Oddly, there was no fear and no pain in that death, which is consistent with my current lack of fear of death.  I woke up very alert, but too early.